Are memories stronger than death? Inheritance reinvented thanks to blockchain

Burn your memories in the blockchain – You have no doubt heard of the principle of time capsules. It is generally a question of integrating objects, photos and / or writings of the present in a sealed box or safe. These artefacts will become traces of the past, searchable in the future. The Ternoa project is working to offer you the digital version of these time capsules, using blockchain technology. Discovery.

This is a promotional article written in collaboration with Ternoa.

Time-based transmission via blockchain

To fully understand the philosophy of the Ternoa project , nothing better than to report here an extract from their white paper ( available in French ):

“Memories are an essential part of who we are. (…) Media such as images, sound and texts allow us to fix and remember what we have been. The supports also give the possibility of passing the memories on to the generations which succeed us so that they can continue to celebrate the memory of those who have left. (…) Memories are therefore precious goods that must be treated as such ” .

Extract from the Ternoa white paper

Indeed, although the digital age has made it possible to transcend the sharing of our memories. Above all, their long-term sustainability is lacking .

The Company Capsule Corp. , which is developing the Ternoa blockchain , has just released a solution that allows you to securely store and transmit your precious memories .

Preserve your most precious memories over time thanks to the Ternoa project – Source:
An innovative blockchain, designed on 3 main principles

To achieve the guarantee of preservation over time, then the timely consultation of your memories. The Ternoa blockchain is governed by 3 fundamental principles:

A blockchain infrastructure faithful to the essence of distributed ledger technology (DLT), namely: open source , decentralized and democratic  ;

A service that is accessible and easily usable by the general public , giving pride of place to user experiences optimized around everyday man-machine interfaces: web and mobile applications known to all;
An economic model linked to the native token of the Ternoa blockchain, offering investors a tool for creating value , fair, and directly correlated to the success of the project.
These principles are implemented thanks to the Ternoa blockchain, which allows the storage and secure transmission of the data of your memories. On the other hand, a Software Development Kit ( SDK ) facilitates the creation of mobile or Web applications, in order to multiply the use cases.

The use case of Ternoa time capsules

The Capsule Corp. teams have managed to develop, thanks to the SDK kit, the Ternoa application which is a first concrete use case for the temporal preservation of data.

The Ternoa application thus makes it possible to encrypt, store and transfer data in a secure manner, and this over the long term. These memories then become real digital time capsules , in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT), issued on the Ternoa blockchain.